Steve Bean

Golf Instructor of the Year by the Professional Golf Teachers and Coaches Association.

Steve Bean is a golf teaching professional with more than forty years of professional teaching and playing experience.
Steve started his professional golf career in 1980 at Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego. In the forty plus years since Steve
has taught on the teaching staffs of some of the world’s best golf instructors. Needless to say Steve has the experience to
help you with your golf game. Currently Steve teaches golf schools for more than six national golf schools.

In 1988 Steve was a staff teaching professional at Derek Hardy’s California Academy of Golf. Mr Hardy at the time was and still is
teacher to many of the LPGA stars. Mr. Hardy has been listed as a Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher. In 1994 Steve was a staff instructor
for the Hank Haney Golf Schools. Mr. Haney worked as the swing coach for many high profile tour players and is listed as a
Golf Digest Top Five Instructor.

In 2000 Steve opened his own golf school Southern California Golf Schools which now has more than 20 locations in Arizona,
California, Nevada & Tennessee. Over the last forty plus years Steve has helped players of all skill levels to understand, improve
and enjoy golf at a higher level.

In 2010 Steve was named Golf Instructor of the Year by the “Professional Golf Teachers & Coaches of America”. Steve currently has teaching privileges at eight California locations. Please take some and look over his resume. You will find Steve is a wonderful swing coach choice.

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