We’re Flexible Like That

Look, we know there are a few choices out there.  Let us point some things out 🙂

We know golf simulation, so you are in good hands.  In fact, that’s all we’ve been doing for the last 15 years! Right now you are looking at all the possible golf simulator solutions for your upcoming event Let us do some thinking for you to make it easier.

Safety First

You are completely enclosed in our commercial virtual golf simulator.  There is no chance of any stray golf balls hitting our frame or flying off into the crowd.  Your guests can swing the golf club freely without any worries about what’s around them.


If you are working with a budget, let us know.  Our clients come first.  In fact, send us your competitor’s quote and watch what we can do 🙂


There is no addtional charge for branding.  We can provide on-screen ads, messages and/or company logos, either on the fairway or as full-screen billboard-size ads displayed between shots.  Ask about our 12 foot wide x 2 foot high sign attched to the entrance of the golf simulator.

Super Offer