Custom Signage

Our truss frame can support any signs or banners you provide on the exterior of the 20’D x 12’H x 15’W simulator.

Ask about including our 13 feet wide x 2 feet high sign at the entrance of the simulator.

Custom Signage

We can provide on-screen ads, animations, messages and/or company logos, either on the fairway or as full-screen billboard-size ads displayed between shots for no additional charge.  Your marketing message or logo can appear on signs and on other objects strategically placed throughout the simulated course and natural surroundings. The impressive screen offers an exceptional amount of marketing real estate for companies using the simulator to promote a product or service.   

Happy Client Says

Any meeting in which you have the opportunity to display and demonstrate your product is key in today’s competitive market.  The partners you choose to help tell your story are equally important.  The Golf Simulator Expert’s staff were punctual, professional, and engaging. The simulator added the right mix of purpose and fun to our meeting and would recommend to any group looking to tell a great golf story.

Tom Pecoraro

Super Offer